Afro-Dancehall: Nigerian Star Patoranking Drops ‘World Best’ Album Featuring Dancehall Stars Beenie Man and Popcaan

Nigerian superstar, Patoranking, celebrated for his distinctive fusion of dancehall, reggae, and traces of Afrobeats, has unveiled his eagerly awaited album, “World Best,” on Sept. 6. This release marks his fourth studio album and the first since the 2020 hit, “Three.” Speaking to Rolling Stone, Patoranking elucidated that “World Best” isn’t just a title but […]

Burna Boy Heralded as African Dancehall Artiste: Says Afrobeat Has No Substance

Burna Boy’s recent remarks have created ripples in the music world, with many African news outlet positioning him as an African Dancehall artiste while simultaneously offering a sharp critique on Afrobeats. During his dialogue with “Just Being Benny”, he drew parallels between Dancehall and Afrobeats, emphasizing the depth and substance inherent in the former. Burna […]

The Changing Musical Landscape: A Wake-up Call for Jamaica’s “Traphall” Artists

The tectonic plates of the music industry are shifting. As they reposition, Afrobeat and the Latin American sounds, especially Reggaeton, rise to the surface, catching the attention of major record labels. But what does this shift mean for Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae and dancehall, and more recently, Traphall music? Traphall, a fusion of Jamaican […]

“Dem take we style!” Beenie Man alludes to Afrobeat taking over Dancehall’s unique style

Dancehall, with its deep and influential history, has undeniably been a foundational pillar for many music genres that emerged after it. Afrobeats, although unique with its West African essence, bears evident marks of Dancehall rhythms and beats. Dancehall veteran Beenie Man recently shed light on this, asserting that Afrobeats’ evolution began with artists copying and […]