Capleton’s Long-Awaited Return: UK Visa Restored After 13 Years

In an exciting turn of events, reggae icon Capleton is set to make his triumphant return to the United Kingdom after a staggering 13-year absence. The acclaimed Jamaican artist’s UK visa has been reinstated, clearing the path for his highly-anticipated appearance in the country as part of his extensive European tour. Capleton, renowned for his […]

Music Producer Patrick Roberts Advocates for National Honours Education, Highlights Overlooked Artists like Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, and Capleton

Music producer Patrick Roberts is urging various music entities to enlighten their members about the selection criteria for national awards and honors. Having been honored with the Order of Distinction, Officer class, in 2019, Roberts has observed that annual discussions arise when the award recipients are announced. Debates often focus on who should have been […]