Adidas Honors Reggae Girlz’s World Cup Milestone with Notting Hill Carnival Parade

In collaboration with atHOME, adidas orchestrated a spectacular parade for the Reggae Girlz at the Notting Hill Carnival, commemorating their monumental success in the Women’s World Cup. They’ve etched history as the first Caribbean team to break through the group stage. Notting Hill Carnival is Europe’s premier showcase of Caribbean culture, pulling in millions to […]

Rolling Stone’s Insightful Look into the Legacy of Sound Systems at Notting Hill Carnival

Rolling Stone recent article, “Sound of the Streets: How Sound Systems Shaped Notting Hill Carnival,” provides a riveting exploration of the profound impact of sound systems on London’s famed Notting Hill Carnival. This sonic innovation, birthed in the working-class neighbourhoods of Kingston, Jamaica, in the late 1940s, has left an indelible imprint on the global […]