Jahvillani and Whispa Di Minista Goes to Work on “9 to 5”

The dancehall scene is buzzing with the magnetic collaboration between dancehall heavyweight Jahvillani and the emerging sensation, Whispa Di Minista. Their latest track, “9 to 5”, is creating ripples across the airwaves and social media platforms, promising to be the next trap dancehall anthem. Produced by the talented minds at Nah Change Entertainment, “9 to […]

The Changing Musical Landscape: A Wake-up Call for Jamaica’s “Traphall” Artists

The tectonic plates of the music industry are shifting. As they reposition, Afrobeat and the Latin American sounds, especially Reggaeton, rise to the surface, catching the attention of major record labels. But what does this shift mean for Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae and dancehall, and more recently, Traphall music? Traphall, a fusion of Jamaican […]