Teejay’s “Drift” Cruises into Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Chart

Summer’s smash hit, “Drift” by dancehall sensation Teejay, has secured its spot on a Billboard chart. As of October 7, “Drift” marks its presence at number 47 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart. This achievement places Teejay alongside Byron Messia, another Jamaican-born dancehall artist who has graced the chart with his track, “Talibans,” now at number 22 after 15 weeks.

Released in March under the banners of Panda/DJ Mac/Top Braff Music, “Drift” not only dominated local charts but also made waves on international fronts. The success of the track might not be the only reason for Teejay’s celebration; he recently inked a publishing deal with Warner Chappell Publishing, closely followed by a record deal with Warner Music. And if sources are to be believed, an EP is already in the pipeline.

Teejay: Unbothered by the ‘Underrated’ Label and Ready to Amplify His Melody

Often dubbed as “underrated” in the dancehall scene, Teejay remains undeterred, focusing on his mantra, “less chatter, more melody.” This principle has undeniably struck gold, with “Drift” being the crown jewel of this year’s summer anthems.

The universal appeal of Teejay’s sound isn’t confined to local audiences. His global followership stands testimony to the artist’s caliber, where he presents himself as the complete entertainer. Teejay emphasizes the unique nature of “Drift,” mentioning its dual role as both a refreshing dancehall tune and a popular workout track. The clean version of the track further amplifies its reach.

Since its YouTube debut on May 19, “Drift” has climbed charts in seven nations. Even for a seasoned artist like Teejay, who has over a hundred singles to his name and routinely pulls in millions of views, the track’s charm stands unparalleled. With tracks like “From Rags to Riches” boasting over 50 million views in just two years, the magic of “Drift” seems special.

The secret sauce behind “Drift” scaling such heights? TikTok enthusiasts, believes Teejay. The platform’s immense support made it imperative to incorporate the popular dance challenge into the music video. “It’s a euphoric sensation to have a song that resonates with people across various walks of life,” says Teejay. This track will also be featured in his forthcoming EP, “I am Chippy,” a nod to his cherished nickname