The Best New Music This Week: Charly Black, Roze Don, 450, Voicemail, Vershon

This week at, we’ve plunged headfirst into the vibrant world of dancehall and reggae to unearth the freshest, most electrifying tracks that are igniting dance floors and airwaves alike. From smoking anthems to motivational bangers, these tunes are the perfect sonic cocktail for your week. So, let’s dive into the best new music that’s been buzzing on the scene.

‘Smoking Partner’ by Charly Black

Produced by none other than dancehall megastar Sean Paul on his ‘Summa Hot Riddim,’ Charly Black’s ‘Smoking Partner’ is the anthem you didn’t know you needed. Sean Paul’s knack for delivering irresistible riddims shines through, providing the perfect backdrop for Charly Black’s captivating vocals. This track is a dance floor magnet, a weed-smoking anthem that’s bound to be a hit among the party-goers and smokers alike. If you’re looking to elevate your playlist, ‘Smoking Partner’ is a must-add.

‘Bududum’ by Roze Don

When it comes to setting the dance floor ablaze, Roze Don’s ‘Bududum’ hits all the right notes. Crafted by Slyda Di Wizard Music on the Bududum Riddim, this track is the quintessential twerking anthem. ‘Bududum’ has that infectious energy that beckons everyone to the dance floor, encouraging wild, uninhibited movements. DJs, take note – this is the track that will have the crowd losing their inhibitions. Press play, and let ‘Bududum’ work its magic.

‘Wild N Rich’ by 450

Heralded as one of dancehall’s rising stars, 450 continues to validate his acclaim with his latest offering, ‘Wild N Rich.’ The track, produced by Tru Ambassador Next Generation-Weekday, straddles the line between a breakup anthem and a toxic love tale. Whether you’re nursing a broken heart or contemplating ending a relationship, ‘Wild N Rich’ is the perfect companion to your playlist. Its raw emotion and relatability make it a standout track that’s not to be missed.

‘Happy Place’ by Voicemail

In a departure from the usual dancehall themes, Voicemail brings us ‘Happy Place,’ a track that’s all about protecting your peace and being selective with your energy. Produced by the adept Frankie Music Production and Makesense, the song showcases Voicemail’s impeccable vocals and an irresistible vibe. ‘Happy Place’ is that feel-good track you need on those tough days, a reminder to safeguard your happiness and surround yourself with positivity. It’s more than just a song; it’s a mood enhancer.

‘Status’ by Vershon

Vershon might have been quiet lately, but his talent has remained undiminished, as evidenced by his latest track, ‘Status.’ A collaboration with Real Live Records, DJ Treasure Music & 1Family Records, ‘Status’ is a motivational powerhouse, warning listeners about fair-weather friends and the fickleness of those around us. The track is an anthem for resilience, encouraging listeners to stay strong despite the setbacks. Vershon’s ‘Status’ is not just music; it’s a mantra for those striving to keep pushing forward.

And there you have it, the top tracks of the week that have been lighting up the dancehall and reggae scene. Each of these songs brings a unique flavor to the table, ensuring your playlist stays fresh and vibrant. Don’t miss out on these sensational tunes – add them to your collection and let the rhythm take over. Keep it locked on for your regular fix of music news and updates.