The Best New Music This Week: Devin Di Dakta x Charly Black, Stalk Ashley, Spice, Rytikal, Jahshii x Nequa Rebel

As the heartbeat of dancehall and reggae pulses stronger than ever, this week at, we’re bringing to the fore the tracks that are setting the streets and the airwaves ablaze. From scorching collaborations to sultry solo efforts, these picks are stoking the genre’s fire, reaffirming its global appeal. Here are the top five picks that are a must-add to your playlists.

1. ‘Hot Oh (Remix)’ by Devin Di Dakta ft. Charly Black

Devin Di Dakta, in collaboration with the unmistakable Charly Black, sets temperatures soaring with “Hot Oh (Remix),” a standout track from his freshly-minted EP, “SOPHOMORE.” This number is unapologetically dancehall, raw in its intensity from lyrics to riddim, and engineered to have the ladies losing all composure. The synergetic delivery of Devin and Charly Black infuses the track with an energy that commands movement, reaffirming why dancehall is the soul of the party.

2. ‘Tightest Kitty!’ by Stalk Ashley

Riding high on the waves of the ‘Big Bunx Riddim’ by Zimi Ent.|Now or Never, Stalk Ashley reaffirms her bold presence in the scene with “Tightest Kitty!” True to form, Ashley delivers X-rated lyrical prowess wrapped in an irresistible hook, celebrating her unabashed confidence in a way that’s sure to skyrocket streaming numbers. This provocative anthem resonates with her fans, reinforcing female empowerment in signature Stalk Ashley style.

3. ‘Bed A Rock’ by Spice

Though it slipped through our fingers last week, Spice’s “Bed A Rock” is too scintillating to overlook. The queen of dancehall showcases why she reigns supreme, with explicit yet elegantly delivered lyrics detailing her intimate escapades. The song, both raunchy and rhythmic, encapsulates Spice’s unparalleled ability to blend seduction with vocal perfection, reminding us all of her iconic status in the industry.

4. ‘Alibaba’ by Rytikal

Another gem that narrowly missed our radar last week is Rytikal’s “Alibaba.” Known for his profound lyrical dexterity, Rytikal doesn’t disappoint, offering a showcase of sharp penmanship that resonates with the new era of dancehall. The track, coupled with its A+ visuals, is a testament to his artistry, demanding appreciation for his skill and creativity. Just hit play and immerse yourself in Rytikal’s vivid storytelling.

5. ‘Heart’ by Jahshii ft. Nequa Rebel

Rounding up our selections is the melodious “Heart” by Jahshii featuring Nequa Rebel. This track weaves the classic elements of a dancehall love story — dominance, love, and sensuality. It’s the perfect accompaniment for those late-night drives, setting the tone for an intimate, impassioned evening. The duo manages to encapsulate the essence of romantic yearning, making it a necessary inclusion for any sentimental playlist.

There you have it, the sizzling tracks fueling this week’s dancehall and reggae scenes. These artists, with their unique styles and bold deliveries, continue to shape the soundscape, propelling the genres into global prominence. Ensure these tunes find their way into your rotation, and stay tuned to, where the journey through the best of dancehall and reggae never hits a roadblock.