The Best New Music This Week: Romain Virgo, Busy Signal, Skeng, Iwaata, Intence, Pamputtae x Aneesa Badshaw, Dovey Magnum x Breeza

Once again, the team at has been traversing the vibrant terrains of dancehall and reggae to bring you the latest anthems destined to dominate the airwaves. From tunes that get the party started to those that resonate with the hustlers’ spirit, this week’s selection is all about energy, inspiration, and vibes. Here are the tracks that you absolutely need in your updated playlists.

1. ‘Switch You On’ by Romain Virgo

Romain Virgo strikes all the right chords with his latest number, ‘Switch You On.’ A delightful treat for the ladies, this up-tempo reggae track is pure sonic bliss, fusing Romain’s velvety vocals with top-tier production. The result? A catchy tune that’s hard to forget and easy to groove to. If your playlist feels a bit outdated, this track is your update.

2. ‘Party Nice (St.Kgn Remix)’ by Busy Signal

Busy Signal turns the vibe up a notch with ‘Party Nice,’ an infectious party anthem that’s even more invigorating in its remixed form by Devin Di Dakta SAINTkingstonMUSIC (St.Kgn). Originally crafted by Crawba Genius, this remix doesn’t just get the ladies moving; it’s a universal call to hit the dance floor or amp up your workout session. Trust the Turf Boss to set the mood right!

3. ‘Dolla Bill’ by Skeng

Skeng serves motivation like no other with his latest track, ‘Dolla Bill,’ an ode to the hustlers and relentless dream-chasers out there. Produced by EL CHOPANUIR RECORDS, this street anthem is all about the grind and securing that bag. Skeng proves that he’s not just about the rhythm but also about inspiring through resonant lyrics.

4. ‘Bank’ by Iwaata

Echoing a similar sentiment is Iwaata with ‘Bank.’ This isn’t just any track; it’s a mantra for those dedicated to elevating their financial game. With every release, Iwaata inches closer to colossal success in the dancehall scene, and this song is no exception. His day is coming, and ‘Bank’ is a testament to his undeniable talent.

5. ‘Lesson’ by Intence

Though it slipped past us upon its release, Intence’s ‘Lesson’ is a retrospective journey worth embarking on. Different from his usual style, this track offers a meditative exploration of life’s harsh realities. Intence delves into the universal struggles and the hard lessons that shape our journey, presenting a piece that’s both reflective and relatable.

6. ‘Gymnastic’ by Pamputtae, Aneesa Badshaw

Calling all queens to the dance floor with ‘Gymnastic,’ a track that’s as empowering as it is energizing. Pamputtae and Aneesa Badshaw deliver a banger that belongs on every credible dancehall playlist. It’s the ultimate tune for letting loose and embracing the beat, perfect for those high-energy workout sessions or dance-offs.

7. ‘Round and Round Thousand Pounds’ by Dovey Magnum, Breeza

For those who crave dancehall in its rawest form, Dovey Magnum and Breeza’s ‘Round and Round Thousand Pounds’ is the unapologetic hit of the season. It’s sultry, it’s bold, and it plays by no rules. This track is a no-holds-barred dialogue of desire, showcasing Dovey in her element with the kind of unfiltered expression that makes dancehall endlessly electrifying.

These seven tracks are blazing trails and setting the tone for the season. Whether you’re in the mood for introspection, getting your hustle on, or simply letting the rhythm move you, this week’s selections have you covered. Keep your speakers blasting with these fresh beats and stay tuned for more dancehall and reggae updates from your dedicated music staff at