The Case of the Missing Dancehall Artist: A $1 Million Reward and Her Family’s Hope for a Christmas Miracle

The mysterious disappearance of dancehall artist Medikk, real name Stephanie Williams, has left her family and fans deeply concerned. Since August 24, 2023, there has been no trace of Williams, known for her rising presence in the dancehall scene with tracks like “Boss Level” with Jahvillani and “Money Feelings.” The last known sighting of her was leaving her Red Hills Road residence in St Andrew, Jamaica, dressed in a black blouse, black tights, and black shoes.

Medikk’s mother, Millicent McCurdy, has been vocal in her distress, especially with the approaching Christmas season. She has been desperately appealing for her daughter’s return, emphasizing the close bond they share. The family’s efforts to locate Williams have been met with challenges, including being scammed of $250,000 by individuals claiming to have information about her whereabouts.

In addition to her music career, Medikk is an entrepreneur, running a business manufacturing and distributing natural hair and skin care products under the brand Rheborn Holistic. Described as a person with a strong work ethic and independence, her affection for her family, particularly her mother and sisters, is well-known.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force has been investigating her disappearance, and there has been a call for the dancehall community to rally in support, spreading awareness of her situation. Her former booking agent, Shelly-Ann Curran, has been urging the music fraternity to keep Medikk’s name in the public domain in hopes of her safe return.

A significant reward of $1 million has been offered by Crime Stop for information leading to Medikk’s safe return, emphasizing the severity and urgency of the situation. The disappearance of Medikk is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities faced by individuals in the public eye and has galvanized a community in the hope of finding her .