The Week’s Best New Music Unleashed: Rygin King, Rytikal, Dovey Magnum, Najeeriii, and Richie Spice and Masicka

This week, once again cuts through the noise to bring you the cream of the crop in dancehall and reggae music. From tracks that get the party started to deeply introspective songs that reflect on life’s trials and triumphs, our selection showcases the genre’s rich diversity and its artists’ incredible talents. Dive into our top picks and discover the sounds shaping the scene right now.

‘Doin It Big’ by Rygin King

Kicking things off with a bang, Rygin King’s latest anthem, ‘Doin It Big’, rides the waves of the Devil Works Riddim with undeniable energy. Produced by the dynamic duo Upsetta and Loud City, this track encapsulates the essence of dancehall – vibrant, pulsating, and endlessly fun. Rygin King flexes his lyrical prowess, delivering motivational bars with a touch of braggadocio that’s both infectious and inspiring. A true embodiment of living large and in charge, this song isn’t just a track; it’s a mood. Make no mistake, ‘Doin It Big’ is a must-have on your playlist for those nights when you feel unstoppable.

‘Someone Amazing’ by Rytikal

Rytikal proves once again why he’s considered one of dancehall’s most lyrical geniuses with ‘Someone Amazing’. This track delves into the heart of Rytikal’s journey, reflecting on the obstacles he’s overcome on his path to success. With raw honesty and relatable verses, Rytikal turns his personal struggles into a universal anthem of resilience and determination. ‘Someone Amazing’ isn’t just a song; it’s a companion for anyone battling their way to their dreams.

‘Up Deh’ by Dovey Magnum

On the same Devil Works Riddim that carries Rygin King’s latest banger, Dovey Magnum stands up for female empowerment with ‘Up Deh’. This track is an unapologetic celebration of femininity and power, wrapped in Dovey’s signature seductive style. It’s a call to the dance floor for women everywhere, empowering them to own their strength and sensuality. ‘Up Deh’ vibrates with the energy of empowerment and is a testament to Dovey Magnum’s role as a fierce advocate for women’s voices in dancehall.

‘BARBIE’ by Najeeriii

Bringing a fresh and raw energy to the scene, Najeeriii drops ‘BARBIE’, a track that’s set to become the anthem for women looking to let loose and dominate the dance floor. With its catchy hooks and sexy vibes, ‘BARBIE’ is a celebration of confidence and allure, encouraging listeners to embrace their inner power. Najeeriii’s delivery is both bold and enticing, marking her as an artist to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of dancehall music.

‘Crazy World’ by Richie Spice

Shifting gears to a more contemplative tone, Richie Spice takes us on a journey through the realities of our times with ‘Crazy World’. This track is a deep dive into the issues plaguing society, delivered with Richie’s iconic soothing voice and insightful lyrics. In a world filled with chaos, ‘Crazy World’ offers a moment of reflection and a call to consciousness, reminding us of the power of music to heal and inspire change.

Bonus Track: ‘Reverse Time’ by Masicka

As a special addition to this week’s selection, we spotlight Masicka’s ‘Reverse Time’. Though not a new release, the recent unveiling of its music video breathes new life into one of the standout tracks from his latest album. ‘Reverse Time’ showcases Masicka’s lyrical depth and storytelling prowess, exploring themes of regret and redemption. The video adds a visual layer to the song’s narrative, making it a compelling watch and listen that deserves a spot on our list and in your playlist.

That’s our roundup for the best new music this week on Each track offers something unique, from party anthems to thoughtful reflections on life, proving that the dancehall and reggae scenes are as vibrant and diverse as ever. Don’t miss out on these hits – add them to your playlist and stay tuned to for more music news and updates.