Trending A Road: Rvssian, Valiant, Tommy Lee Sparta’s ‘Tic Tac Toe’ Playing for Youtube #1

Another week goes by, and we’re here to present the top 10 music videos currently making a splash in Jamaica. Let’s dive into the list of what’s Trending A Road.

#1 Trending: Rvssian, Valiant, Tommy Lee Sparta – “Tic Tac Toe”

Securing the top position is the collaboration between Rvssian, Valiant, and Tommy Lee Sparta with their music video “Tic Tac Toe“. With nearly 1.5 million views in just eight days, this song marks Tommy Lee Sparta’s first official release since leaving prison. The visually stunning video pairs well with the catchy tune, quickly becoming a fan favourite.

#2 Trending: Malie – “V6”

Malie’s “V6” clinches the second spot, showcasing his distinct style and vocal prowess. The song’s visuals perfectly complement the track, amassing over 543,000 views since its April 1 release.

#3 Trending: Skeng X Kraff – “Shottaz”

Skeng and Kraff have joined forces to create the infectious and powerful track “Shottaz,” which holds the third spot on our list. The video features dynamic visuals and a captivating storyline, garnering over 1.2 million views since March 31.

#4 Trending: Valiant – “Top Meech” ft. TopRankz

Valiant collaborates with TopRankz for the fourth trending video, “Top Meech“. Released on the Holy Vagina Riddim, Valiant solidifies his status as the current king of trendiness. The video, shot by King Cam, has accumulated over 885,000 views since March 31.

#5 Trending: Chronic Law – “Selfish”

At number five is Chronic Law’s reflective and thought-provoking track “Selfish“. The video’s raw and genuine visuals highlight the song’s strong message, amassing over 888,000 views since March 26.

#6 Trending: Chronic Law – “Choices”

Chronic Law makes another appearance with “Choices“, a song that demonstrates his consistency and introspective lyrics. The intriguing video, which has nearly 450,000 views since April 3, captures the essence of the powerful message.

#7 Trending: SilkBoss – “Mommy Nuh Worry”

SilkBoss’s track “Mommy Nuh Worry” pays homage to mothers everywhere. The emotional video, filled with heart-tugging visuals, has won viewers’ hearts and secured the seventh spot on the trending list. Released on April 1, the song has gathered over 522,000 views.

#8 Trending: Chronic Law – “Proud”

Chronic Law’s third appearance on the list is with “Proud“, a song that promotes self-pride and determination. Produced by Young General Records (YGR), the inspiring video featuring uplifting visuals has earned its place at number eight on the trending list. Since its release on April 2, the video has received over 444,000 views on the popular streaming platform.

#9 Trending: RajahWild – “Don’t Worry”

RajahWild’s “Don’t Worry” serves as a reminder to maintain a positive attitude in the face of life’s challenges. Produced by Dynasty Global/Eminence Syde, the song has garnered over 255,000 views since its release on April 8. Directed by KD Visuals, the video has claimed the ninth position on the list.

#10 Trending: 450 – “Live n’ Learn”

Completing the top 10 is 450’s “Live n’ Learn“, a powerful track about resilience and personal growth. The captivating video embodies the song’s essence, making it a fitting finale to Jamaica’s top trending music videos. Produced by Sponge Music, the video has accumulated over 1.7 million views on YouTube.

Rounding out the top 20 trending videos in Jamaica are Kraff’s “Suspense“, Valiant’s “Motorcade“, Pablo YG’s “Self Love“, Squash’s “Play Time Done“, RajahWild’s “All Night“, Vybz Kartel’s “Corrupt” and “Car Man“, Chronic Law and Knakkis on “1 One Call“, Najeeriii’s “GOBLIN“, and Jahshii and Troublemekka with “God’s Plan“.

This list consists of only trending Reggae/Dancehall music videos. It does not include official audio releases, news items, rap videos, etc., which may also appear on the list based on our location. Be sure to explore these fantastic tracks and watch the videos on YouTube.