Unfazed by the ‘Underrated’ Label: Teejay Preps New EP, Advocates for Greater Government Support in Music

In an industry that often labels him “underrated,” Dancehall maestro Teejay doesn’t lose a wink of sleep. Instead, his philosophy revolves around “less chatter, more melody,” a concept proven to work exceptionally in his electrifying hit, Drift, pegged as one of this summer’s ultimate anthem.

Teejay’s music doesn’t merely resonate within local boundaries; he commands a global fanbase. “I offer the full package, a true entertainer that ensures fans get their money’s worth. Drift encapsulates the essence of dancehall, a refreshing vibe that doubles as the latest workout tune, and yes, it comes in a clean version,” the artist underscores.

Drift, which was launched on YouTube on May 19, already tops charts in seven countries, a feat that took Teejay by surprise. The prolific artist, who boasts over a hundred singles, has had his fair share of viral tracks. His music videos routinely garner millions of views, such as “From Rags to Riches,” which has collected over 50 million views in the last two years. However, Drift holds a distinct charm.

Teejay attributes the song’s explosion to TikTok enthusiasts. “The support from TikTok propelled the song, necessitating incorporating the dance into the music video. It’s an exhilarating feeling having a track that appeals to corporate individuals, youngsters, and Christians alike,” he admits. This exhilarating track forms part of his upcoming EP, “I am Chippy,” a reference to his affectionate nickname.

Teejay remains upbeat about the EP’s success, stating, “If Drift makes it, then the EP makes it.” Simultaneously, he expresses frustration at the perceived stagnation in music, and the need to shift lyrical themes away from violence. This sentiment dovetails with his call for greater governmental support for the music industry.

Teejay urges, “When tourists visit Kingston, they’re greeted by ‘The City of Music’ sign. It’s time the Government amplifies its commitment to the music scene, just like how the whole country rallies behind Afro artists, catapulting their music. We need similar backing to elevate our music to its deserved pedestal.”

Despite uncertainty surrounding his performance at the upcoming Reggae Sumfest, Teejay reaffirms his commitment to the culture, pledging to attend as an audience member if not performing. The Bitcoin artist’s calendar, however, is packed for the summer, featuring his debut at the St Kitts Music Festival and several shows with diamond-selling artiste Shaggy, their collaboration “Gyal Dem Time” already generating buzz.