[Video] Masicka Reveals Key Inspirations, Portmore’s Impact on His Music, and Dives into Quick-fire Questions

Dancehall star Masicka has his sights set high, envisioning himself as a future linchpin in the genre within the next decade. In a candid interview with MajorStage, he confidently shared, “[In] 10 years time, [I see myself] as one of the greatest Dancehall artists.” This ambition is not just about personal glory; it’s a journey dedicated to his family and deeply influenced by his roots in Portmore, Kingston, a breeding ground for lyrical prowess.

Clad in black with standout chains, Masicka delivered a compelling performance of “Tyrant,” his latest single under Def Jam Recordings, hinting at the raw ambition expected in his impending album. His drive emulates the indomitable spirit of industry icons, especially Bounty Killer, whose resilience and power resonate with him.

Among his array of hits, “They Don’t Know” stands out, encapsulating his path from rough beginnings to his present stature, acknowledging the road ahead. In a quick-fire round, he revealed tidbits about himself, from his love for fried fish and the “Whackie Dip” dance move to his affinity for the movie “Scarface” and a readiness for skydiving adventures.

In Masicka’s words, the journey has been anything but smooth, yet it’s the appreciation of every step that crafts the essence of his career. And if he were to describe himself in one word? “A genius.” The artist’s full reflections and insights are captured in the accompanying video, showcasing a man poised to etch his legacy in Dancehall’s vibrant history.