“Vybz Kartel’s New Album ‘Numb’: Will it Be Just Another Average Release or a Dancehall Classic?

Jamaican dancehall artist Vybz Kartel is set to release a new EP titled “Numb” on April 28th, 2023. Produced by Adidjahiem Records, the album promises to be another impressive body of work from the artiste. However, the question remains: will “Numb” be just another average release from the artiste, or will it be a classic dancehall album that the genre desperately needs right now?

The EP, which contains eight tracks, is a departure from Kartel’s usual style as it is focused on the ladies. The songs on the EP revolve around the theme of feeling “numb” without the artiste’s music. Kartel explained that the idea for the EP came from a conversation with his girlfriend/fiancée Sidem. She told him that she felt “numb” without him, and the only time she felt whole was when she was listening to his music. This inspired the artiste to create an all-girls song EP titled “Numb,” representative of how the ladies feel without Kartel’s music.

The EP’s first single, “Without You,” is a song about a girl who loves her boyfriend and would rather die than be without him. This song sets the tone for the entire EP and highlights the different topics that revolve around the “numb” theme. “I Only Wanted You” and “Vaccine” are other tracks that reflect the overall theme of the EP.

While Kartel’s female fans are sure to appreciate the EP, the question remains: is this just another okay release from the artiste, or is he ready to deliver a classic dancehall album to his fans? Dancehall is a genre that has been dominated by Vybz Kartel for the past decade, and fans have been waiting for him to drop a classic album.

Kartel’s previous releases have been solid, but none have been able to attain classic status. The genre could really use a classic album from its biggest star right now. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard a classic dancehall album, and Kartel has the potential to deliver just that.

Overall, “Numb” is an intriguing departure from Vybz Kartel’s usual style. The EP is sure to be appreciated by the artiste’s female fans, but the real question is whether or not it will be a classic dancehall album. We will have to wait and see if “Numb” will be the album that cements Vybz Kartel’s status as the dancehall legend of our generation