Watch Delomar (RDX) Urging Jamaicans To Let Their “Vote” Counts In New Music Video

Delomar (RDX) drops his latest release, “Vote”, along with its accompanying visuals. This new track marks a departure from Delomar’s usual style of dancing songs and girls tunes and serves as a thought-provoking social commentary. The production is handled by Team Upgrade Production/Reckit Ralf Music, while the music video is expertly directed by Team Upgrade Production. The song comes on the heels of the Jamaican government recent salary increase to the political directorate of over 200%. The song encourages people to vote for policies and not politics and speaks of the ills of the government. In a recent post on social media the dancehall artist challenged others to do the same and speak up for the betterment of the nation. Brave move for Delomar (RDX). Watch It Here: